ResearchAs the first step in any project, Pults & Associates thoroughly researches all project requirements, including: on-site utilities, topographic surveys, fire protection, plumbing systems, electrical systems, communications, alarms, mechanical systems and verification of existing structures.

In remodel projects, Pults will review existing as-built documents and complete an extensive on-site verification of currently existing structures and conditions.

Based on this research we will develop our own set of plans, identifying existing conditions which will influence the next phases of development.


Pults & Associates will use its research in combination with review and analysis of all existing information and then complete a written Pre-Design Report. This report will include three elements significant to all clients: Cost, Schedule, and Program. Program information includes:

  • Information resulting from meeting with clients and applicable staff to analyze existing or proposed functional relationships to determine exact space needs.
  • Information confirming all required and requested features of the work, including the physical requirements of any equipment.
  • An organization of existing and new information, including a description of appropriate electrical, communications, mechanical and plumbing needs, and desired provisions for future improvements.
  • A review of the budget range for the project, considering the entire scope and timing.
  • A complete preliminary Code Review for all requirements affecting the project.

Pults reviews each element in the Pre-Design Report with our clients before moving on in the development process, so that all parties involved understand the background of the project, and the contexts in which project decisions must be made. The Pre-Design Report serves as a guide during each successive development phase, up to and including the construction documents phase.

Pults & Associates has found the Programming and Pre-Design service a key element in enabling our team to move more smoothly through the balance of the design phases.

The thorough information gathering of this phase minimizes changes and revisions in subsequent phases, which keeps projects on schedule and results in a completed project that meets client goals.


Schematic DesignThis service includes preparation of drawings and other documents illustrating the scope and relationship of the project components for client approval. Together, we will build your project three times: first in words, second on paper, and finally in physical construction. During the Schematic Design phase, Pults & Associates will:

  • Develop physical representations of the proposed project, including schematic floor and ceiling plans and exterior elevations. Basic structural, mechanical, and electrical requirements are coordinated with the proposed design. Pults & Associates is committed to maintaining close coordination with our consultants and clients during this phase.
  • Develop initial plans for on-site utility systems, along with coordination for landscape design as needed.
  • Make preliminary material selections.
  • Carefully and thoroughly review all code requirements to confirm that all aspects of applicable codes have been considered, along with their impacts on the scope of the project.
  • Review and analyze all budget constraints again to ensure that the project is still within budget range.
  • Coordinate with local government agencies for initial reviews to receive any input and discover any other possible requirements.


During this phase of the project, Pults & Associates will further define the project, selecting alternatives and describing the character of the project in more detail. This phase will complete the preliminary work for construction documents. Proper care will ensure smooth completion in following phases. The main elements of the Design Development service include:

  • Completion of coordination of engineering systems and large-scale studies of building plans and sections.
  • Computation and verification of areas involved to conform to ongoing cost controls.
  • Completion of initial base sheets for construction documents, which are then reviewed for code conformance.

As with all other phases of design managed by Pults & Associates, the Design Development phase includes further review with the client for input and approval on all aspects of the project.

As premier design architects, we strive to design each project with our clients, rather than for them.


Construction DocumentationThis service further refines the approved Design Development documents into a form that depicts all areas of the project in detail and allows for complete and accurate project bidding. This phase includes the following services:

  • Preparation of the architectural working drawings using the approved Design Development Phase drawings.
  • Preparation of civil working drawings to graphically represent those features dealing with on and off-site improvements.
  • Preparation of structural calculations and working drawings which graphically represent the complete structural requirements.
  • Preparation of engineering calculations and drawings for heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing and building fire protection systems.
  • Preparation of final electrical plans showing power, lighting, telephone, communications, and alarms.
  • Finalization of single-line diagrams and utility company coordination.
  • Preparation of final landscape working drawings for all ground improvements, amenities, planting and irrigation systems.
  • Preparation of complete specifications to amplify and further describe materials, systems, methods of construction, performance, and quality.
  • Gathering of government agency permits, including meeting and coordinating with agencies in order to obtain permits.

Well-coordinated construction documents means less work for the architect during construction, fewer and smaller cost surprises for the client, and fairness in bidding tor the contractors.


Pults & Associates will coordinate the bidding process for our clients. This phase includes the following services:

  • Preparation and coordination of necessary information allowing the client to authorize bidding the project.
  • Preparation of bid documents, including: Instructions to Bidders, Notice to Bidders, Bid Forms, and List of Bidders.
  • Preparation and distribution of addenda to bidders as needed during bidding. These may include supplementary drawings, specifications, instructions and notices of any changes in bidding procedures.
  • Receiving and responding to questions from bidders.
  • Evaluation of bids, certification of bid compliance, and recommendations to the client on award of contract.


Construction AdministrationPults & Associates will evaluate and provide recommendations during the construction phase of clients’ projects, reviewing the work to ensure quality control. Pults’ Construction Administration service includes:

  • Construction contract review and administration, coordinating the various elements of the contract with the client and the contractor.
  • Construction observation, including pre-construction meetings and visits to the site to monitor the progress and quality of the work, and to confirm that the work is proceeding according to the contract documents.
  • Review and comment on all shop drawings and submittals required by contract documents.
  • Review and comment on any proposed change orders, including recommendations to client as to their acceptance or rejection.
  • Evaluation of the amount owed to the contractor based on the progress of construction.
  • Project close-out work including a detailed inspection with the client to verify conformity with the contract documents; the creation of a punch list of items to be completed or corrected; and the filing of a certificate of substantial completion.
  • Completion of Record Drawings showing all as-built information on original plans.

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