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Drawings“The built environment is inescapable. It is an integral part of every human’s daily experience – though a part often noticed only on a subconscious level. It is our goal as a firm to create spaces & places that are meaningful. What better way to express our art?”
– Steven Pults, Founder, Pults & Associates

Quality design, backed by extensive experience

That’s what Pults & Associates brings to the drawing table on each and every project. Founder Steven D. Pults, AIA, created Pults & Associates in 1980 to offer clients a full range of quality architectural design services for all types of construction needs.

Since then, Pults & Associates has grown to a highly regarded full-service design, project management and construction management firm with special expertise in medical facilities and hospital construction, wineries, restaurants, galleries, office and commercial centers, and large-scale residential projects.

Sensitivity to project context, site, client needs, program, design and detail are hallmarks of Pults & Associates. Clients can count on the years of experience offered by Pults’ principals, as well as Pults’ full staff of project managers, designers, technologists and CADD technicians. Founder Steve Pults leads the way as an adapting architect. His steady design philosophy, coupled with practical application and use of evolving technology, has led the firm into its third decade, earning multiple design awards along the way.

Colored Pencil DetailWith a reputation for consistently producing projects of high quality, the firm maintains solid relationships with government agencies of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Monterey Counties, as well as the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area. The firm has also built a strong relationship with the State of California in the highly specialized and highly scrutinized area of medical facility design and construction. Pults & Associates medical projects have ranged from one-room high-tech equipment replacements to entire patient wings, surgery suites and ICU Centers throughout California, Arizona and Washington.

The firm also has extensive experience in a wide variety of commercial and residential projects. Considered to be the Central Coast leader in winery and hospitality center design, clients from small boutique wineries to international industry leaders have sought out Pults & Associates’ expertise.

Commercial clients continue to be a major component of the firm. Office complexes, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, banks, and light industrial centers have won various design awards of excellence and merit. Another significant area of experience is the design and development of residential projects. Custom homes, residential tract developments, and multi-family projects have been an important part of Pults & Associates since its founding.

Whether your project is a winery, a new hospital obstetrics wing, an office complex, a retail project, or a new home for your family, Pults & Associates can serve all of your needs – or let you pick and choose from a menu of services. In doing so you’ll have one of California’s most respected and regarded design firms working for you. Pults & Associates takes pride in delivering premium quality design for every budget.

“In the end, it all comes back to design quality,” stresses founding architect Steve Pults. “Our passion for architecture results in attention to detail. From general organization, to precise drawings, to construction oversight, we produce a quality product that client and community alike can look on with pride.”

Pults & Associates prides itself on delivering top-quality design, graphics, planning, and construction management services no matter what the size of the project involved. Our firm can take projects from idea through completion. Clients may select from any of our services and assemble a customized service package, depending upon their individual needs.

Either way, Pults delivers functional, cost-efficient projects on budget and on time.

Steven D. Pults, AIA

Steve came to San Luis Obispo in 1968 to attend Cal Poly, receiving his Bachelor of Architecture in 1973. He founded Pults & Associates in 1980, and under his direction the firm has grown to one of the largest in the area and is currently licensed in five states. Stressing design quality and creativity, he has received many design awards and has earned the reputation of being able to obtain approvals for difficult projects. As managing partner he oversees all office operations.

Frances F. Gibbs

After graduating from the State University of New York with a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Architecture, Frances moved to the Central Coast to attend Cal Poly and came to work for Pults & Associates. She completed her Masters in Architecture in 1986. As principal she is responsible for design and project management for various ongoing residential and commercial clients. She also has created and maintains all production standards for the office.

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